If you attend an event run by Thornbury MX all the rules below must be adhered to at ALL times.

Random Noise testing of machines will be carried out at any venue and all machines must comply to the ACU guidelines FIM 2 Metre Max measuring.

All spectators including Mechanics, friends, family members and children must stay in the designated areas.

All riders must sign on and read and understand the disclaimer prior to entering track area and riding.

Only riders signed on may ride. Mechanics, friends, or family members who have not signed on or paid to ride, may not ride.

Any intentional take outs of riders or extremely ruff riding will not be tolerated.

Five (5) M.P.H. in pit area (Idol Speed Only).

Riders must enter and exit tracks at the marshaled gates.

Riders must adhere to the instructions of track personnel at all times.

Parents/Guardians are required to monitor their children and ensure they understand these rules. You will be responsible for your Childs behavior and you must accompany your child at all times.

Machines must be safe and in a fit state of use with all silencers meeting FIM regulations of 96db.

Use of alcohol or controlled substances is prohibited by riders. Suspicion of use, of these substances will result in an immediate ejection and possible suspension.

There is a NO TOLERANCE with fighting between riders. Both riders will be ejected, and a suspension will result.

Thornbury MX Ltd is fully insured but we offer no personal insurance of any kind, you must Be satisfied that the track is suitable for you to ride, If you feel that the track is not satisfactory for you at any time then please do not ride the track.

At no time shall any rider, mechanic, friend or family member verbally abuse, or threaten any track staff. The offending person will be ejected immediately.  There is a zero tolerance policy on threatening, or verbally abusing staff members.

Dogs to be kept under control at all times.

One direction of travel around the track.

No camp fires

Please tidy up after yourselves DO NOT LITTER


MOTORSPORT CAN BE DANGEROUS Despite the organisers taking all reasonable precautions, unavoidable accidents can happen. Please comply with the instructions of marshals and notices. There are only concerned with your safety. Only cross the track at the official crossing point. Do not cross the track during racing.

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